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Flash Drop: Faces

Female faces are one of my favourite things to draw, paint and tattoo! I’ve been studying and practicing faces for many years, but it wasn’t something that came easy to me. Portraits in general are […]


Welcome to my website! My mission is to use my little corner of the internet to create a better climate for amazing tattoos to be created. My name is Marco Ventura. I am a tattoo […]

When artist and client collaborate

Tattoos are unlike any other art form. The tattoo artist does not create independently; he/she must work WITH the canvas to achieve a mutually desired result.

Why “How much?” is the wrong question

“Hello, I’m just after a quote for a tattoo…”. It’s a legitimate question, of course, you need to know how much something is going to cost before you commit to buying. The thing is, with tattooing, it just shouldn’t be the first question (or second, or third…)