Small Tattoos (under 4 hours): Rate: Quoted by the piece on a case-by-case basis, and not by the hour.

Half Day: Rate: $600. Time: Approximately 2 hours of designing/prep and minimum 4 hours tattooing.

Full Day: Rate: $1000. Time: Approximately 2 hours of designing/prep and 7-8 hours tattooing.

Full Day Portfolio Pieces: Rate: $800. Time: Approximately 2 hours of designing/prep and 7-8 hours tattooing. To be eligible for this special rate:

  • The tattoo must be in my style and you must be open to my artistic freedom
  • You must be able to have monthly appointments (minimum)
  • The area must be clean skin (no cover-ups, re-works etc.)

*All quotes are approximate and are not final prices. Factors that effect how much a tattoo will cost or the amount of tattooing that I can complete in a given time frame include,

  • Setting unnecessary parameters that limit artistic freedom
  • Taking frequent breaks (for example; frequent cigarette breaks or due to poor pain management)
  • Constant moving

Consultations are free of charge and are best if done in person. To book a consultation, please text me on 0418455894.

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to commence designing and secure your booking. This amount comes off the very last session of your tattoo. You may reschedule a booking with 48 hours notice, however cancellation or no show will result in a forfeit of your deposit. You must send a screenshot of your transfer to confirm your booking.
Bank Transfer: BSB: 014704, ACC 487275443, Reference: yournameplusdate. (i.e. marco07022017 means your booking is for 7th of February of 2017).

I generally do not send designs/sketches over email or Facebook prior to the tattoo session. The reference images you provide to me are for my reference only; I create custom pieces in my style. I have an avant-garde, graphic, painterly-influence in my art, which shows in my designs and tattooing. For the best results, I need to leave room for a little magic to happen on the skin, so for that reason, I do not complete fully rendered designs for my tattoos. I encourage you to meet with me before your booking to view your sketch. It is important to be explicit and provide as much detail as possible before any designing commences, as major changes to your design may incur additional fees.

For larger pieces I prefer a minimum of four-hour sessions, as shorter sessions interrupt artistic flow. Please avoid consuming energy drinks prior to or during your tattoo session. Feel free to bring a pillow and blanket, and please wear comfortable clothing that will allow easy access to the area to be tattooed. Focus your mind on relaxing and meditating; fighting the pain and/or tensing will only drain your energy and force me to tattoo at a much slower pace. I recommend attending your appointment alone, as interruptions from friends/relatives take focus and attention away from you and/or the artist.

I am committed to raising the bar every day. Quality is more important than anything, and for that I need trust and time from you. Thank you, and I look forward to producing a great tattoo for you.