Tattoos are unlike any other art form. The tattoo artist does not create independently; he/she must work WITH the canvas to achieve a mutually desired result. This is the true beauty of the entire process of tattooing; the canvas plays a major roll in the outcome of the art itself.

Tattoos are therefore a collaboration between artist and client and should be treated as such. Understanding and communication is vital. Consultations are extremely important to the tattoo process and to me. I do my best to take my time and be clear from the beginning with all of my clients and to really understand what my clients are looking for in their tattoo.

A clear understanding from both sides isn’t the only major hurdle; once the tattooing begins, a lot of responsibility is in the hands of the artist. This is where trust is a must; it leads the way to a real magic of art creation.

I would love the opportunity to collaborate with you. So please check out my work;  if you like it, tell me your tattoo idea and I’ll share my thoughts too. Give me a little trust and we’ll make a great tattoo, together.

Posted by Marco

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