I hear is every day; “Hello, I’m just after a quote for a tattoo…”. It’s a legitimate question, of course, you need to know how much something is going to cost before you commit to buying. The thing is, with tattooing, it just shouldn’t be the first question (or second, or third…)

See, all tattoo artists are different; they each see your idea from a completely different perspective. They imagine what you are describing differently; their experiences, their style and their capabilities are at play, dreaming up what they could create for you.

In addition to how they are imagining your idea, they also all tattoo at different speeds, some extremely fast, with others tattooing quite slow! So going by a rate per hour does not give you an accurate variable to compare with other artists. For example, one artist could charge $200 per hour, take 3 hours to do an amazing job, and another artist could charge $120 per hour, take 6 hours, for an average looking tattoo, and you end up paying more for the latter.

Again, all tattoo artists should not be treated equal: not all artists are capable of doing any tattoo. The best person to determine if the artist is capable is YOU. Here’s what you can ask, instead of, ‘How much?”:

  • “Can I see some photos of your work?”
  • “What styles do you like to tattoo?”
  • ”Do you specialize in any particular style?”
  • ”How long have you been tattooing?”

When you look at the examples of their work, do you like what you see? Do you see anything similar to the idea you have? If not, ask the artist if they have done something similar.

I can’t tell you how appreciative artists are when someone sees their work and wants to get tattooed by THEM, rather than because they liked the price they gave. Isn’t it better to get tattooed by someone who’s work you like? And then have that person be thrilled to tattoo you because you chose them based on their work?

Tattoos are for life, so choose your artist very carefully. 😉

*If you are having a difficult time finding an artist, I can help with that too; even if it’s not me. I have fifteen artists working with me, who I can recommend to you. So just click here to tell me your ideas and I will find the best artist for you.

Posted by Marco

One Comment

  1. Hi Marco
    I was looking through some of your past work that you’ve done and I really like the way you tattoo your animal design. In saying that I would like to arrange a time to have a consultation with you when your not to busy in designing my first and only tattoo.
    I’ve been wanting to get this tattoo done for a long time now and I just need that right artists to get it out of my head and onto paper then inked into my skin. Hopefully by reading your Blogs on your website and looking through your instagram photos, I think you might be the lucky person to do it and it would be a real honour.
    I live at Varsity Lakes so the shop at Miami 1 would be the best. So whenever your there and have the time I’d love to come in and sit down and talk to you about what exactly I’m wanting. I’ll let you have free creativity when designing it.

    Thank you



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