What a fun tattoo this was!

I met Phil and his wife Debbie in their hometown, Perth in 2013/2014. I tattooed Debbie at a tattoo convention there and a few months later her, Phil and I met up again in Adelaide for some more tattooing!

Phil really liked my style so I was excited to work with him. He originally wanted a marvel theme tattoo with Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. These were some of the references he provided:


The tattoo would have had to be huge tho, and would have taken a lot more time than we had (or than he was willing to sit for!). So we settled on focusing on one character; it was going to be Iron Man or Captain America. I came up with these two sketches:



Phil was keeen on the Iron Man and so was I, so we got to work!




At first I just blocked in the main shapes; this took about 4 hours.


I originally guesstimated the tattoo would take about 6 hours in total, but it was becoming clear that I was going to go a little over that threshold. Phil was so patient and he sat like a rock. The convention was noisey and we were both a little uncomfortable in the hard convention chairs, but equally wanting a great result.


We had about another hour to go from here, Phil was in pain, but he fought through it! The last hour is really when things came to life; highlights, details and all the magic happens here. This part is so much fun for me! It was important that Phil let me get that last hour in and is really what brought the tattoo from a good to great tattoo for us both.

Thanks so much Phil, you rock. 🤘🏻


Posted by Marco

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