NZ Tattoo & Arts Convention, New Plymouth, circa 2014.


I had been drawing heaps; prismas on transparent paper and my table at the convention was scattered with original designs. I was inspired and eager to put them to skin. Selena came along with her buttery, ink craving skin and fell in love with this little panda sketch:


Selena flipped through my portfolio and simply said; I love your style, I trust you; and so we got to work. I never know exactly how a piece is going to turn out. In my 15 years of tattooing to date, I don’t think I’ve ever completely finalised a design on paper before tattooing it. There’s got to be room for a little magic on the skin and that (to me) is what provides to the best results.


I can’t quite remember how many hours went into this (maybe 4-6?) but Selena sat like a rock and let me finish up all the details that were required in that final stretch to get it done. More than three years later as I write this, this is still one of my favourite pieces:


Thanks Selena!

Posted by Marco

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