Month: February 2018

Why Phone Quotes For Tattoos Are Innaccurate

I’ve receive a countless number of phone calls from clients asking for quotes over the phone. “No but roughly, how much do you think?” Again and again I get the same question. It’s a difficult […]

How to Save Money on Tattoos

1. Get it right the first time. Quality tattoos can be expensive, but cover-ups and laser are even more expensive. 2. Research, research, research. … and I don’t mean bargain hunt. Research for quality first, […]

Why “How much?” is the wrong question

“Hello, I’m just after a quote for a tattoo…”. It’s a legitimate question, of course, you need to know how much something is going to cost before you commit to buying. The thing is, with tattooing, it just shouldn’t be the first question (or second, or third…)

Selena’s Panda

had been drawing heaps; prismas on transparent paper and my table at the convention was scattered with original designs. I was inspired and eager to put them to skin.